Dialysis CEU
Dialysis Technician Continuing Education
Dialysis technicians generally require dialysis continuing education to maintain certification.  Dialysis continuing education units help the dialysis tech to keep up with technology, procedure and safety changes in the profession.  Both classroom and online dialysis CEU courses are available.  Some organizations offer free CEUs for dialysis technicians (see below for more information).
The Board of Nephrology Examination For Nurses and Technicians (BONENT) requires 40 dialysis CEUs  every four years.  They require a minimum of 30 contact hours in Group A Nephrology programs which include seminars, webinars, home study and BONENT approved CE programs. An additional 10 contact hours are required from either Group A or Group B. Group B includes general health programs, CPR and health-related college courses. 
Many professional, educational and health related organizations offer dialysis continuing education courses or dialysis CME units. These include the Medical Education Institute, the CDC (center for Disease Control), Medi-Smart, the American Kidney Fund,  the American Nephrology Nurses Association, and the National Kidney Foundation.

Dialysis CEU topics can include infection control, CPR, patient interaction, dialysis facility practices and management, discharge practices, ethics and many more.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers webinars and free continuing education courses.  A free dialysis CEU option is available called “Infection Prevention in Dialysis Settings”.  This is for for outpatient hemodialysis healthcare workers, including technicians and nurses.

This is a 1-hour self-guided training course reviewing the following topic areas:

  • Infections that patients can get from dialysis
  • Infection control recommendations for outpatient hemodialysis healthcare  workers, and
  • Educating your patients and their caregivers. 
Another is "Your Guide to Infection Control and Prevention: A Webinar Series - Making Dialysis Safer for Patients: Optimal Vascular Access". Yet another is "Infection Prevention in Dialysis Settings".   You can search the CDC website for all courses at https://tceols.cdc.gov/Course/Search
The American Kidney Fund offers free CEUs online for dialysis technicians and nephrology professionals.  To earn credits, select a course, complete the CEU learning module(s), and take the associated exam and evaluation.  Some examples of their offerings include:
  • Weighing the Outcomes: Ethical Issues in Kidney Disease
    Infection Prevention in Dialysis Settings
  • Helping Patients Prepare for Kidney Replacement Therapy
  • Teaching Patients Self-Management Techniques
  • Managing Hyperphosphatemia
The American Kidney Fund also sponsors webinars, some of which may qualify for continuing education credit.
Some examples are:
  • Anemia and kidney disease
  • Nephrotic syndrome and FSGS
  • Gout and kidney disease
More information can be found at their website http://www.kidneyfund.org/training/online-cmece-opportunities/
The Medical Education Institute offers CEUs  for Nurses and Dialysis Technicians. Some examples include:
  • Alternative Treatments: Kidney School 
  • Anemia and Kidney Disease: Kidney School
  • Coping with Kidney Disease: Kidney School 
  • Treatment Options for Kidney Failure: Kidney School
More information can be found at their site https://mei.wcea.education/sitemap
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