Dialysis Technician Job Description

What do dialysis technicians do? A brief dialysis technician job description is provided here to aid in understanding that question.

Dialysis technicians assist people with kidney failure. 
Dialysis Technicians work primarily in hospitals, outpatient clinics or in home dialysis settings. They may also have titles of dialysis tech,renal dialysis technician, hemodialysis technician, and nephrology technician.

A dialysis technician job description includes preparing patients and operating equipment that performs the function of kidneys. The dialysis equipment filters out waster and toxins from the blood.  Dialysis Technicians work under the supervision of a nurse or physician.  They prepare the patient by explaining the process and positioning the patient on a chair.


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Dialysis technician job duties include recording vital statistics such as blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, temperature and respiration.  They then connect the hemodialysis machine to access in patient's forearm or catheter site and start blood circulating through the dialyzer. They prepare the machine by making sure it is clean and sterile, prepare dialysis solutions and connect the patient to the machine. Dialysis techs monitor the machine and inspect equipment settings to make sure everything meets safety standards. They monitor the patient during the procedure, and prepare records after the procedure. 

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