Dialysis Technician Schools

Dialysis Technician Schools

A brief summary of dialysis technician schools and dialysis technician training is provided here. 

If you desire a career as a dialysis technician,  you must have a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.  You must attend a dialysis technician school and complete an accredited dialysis technician degree or certificate program and pass a license exam. Dialysis programs often take two semesters but there are also 6 and 12 week programs.

Dialysis technician school options include on- the-job training, employer sponsored dialysis schools, or dialysis schools in community colleges and vocation schools.  Various associate degrees and certificate programs are offered in these dialysis tech schools. Online dialysis technician schools offer programs but still require practical hands-on clinical training at a dialysis facility. 

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Dialysis school
classes may include principles and process of the dialysis treatment, renal system anatomy and nephrology.  Schools for dialysis technicians also teach courses such as vital signs monitoring, physical and emotional needs of  dialysis patients and physiology.  Dialysis tech schools may also teach aseptic techniques
 anatomy, blood chemistry and more. These dialysis technician programs include supervised clinical training in dialysis.
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